HarmonyCon partners with DASH Network

DASH Network is a nonprofit long-term housing shelter for individuals and families seeking asylum in the US. People who seek asylum are fleeing persecution from their country on account of race, religion, nationality, membership of a political social group, or political opinion and fear for their lives. Asylum Seeker is a legal status but, unlike refugees, asylum seekers do not receive a work permit for an average of two years and are not eligible for any government assistance while they wait. DASH Network exists to love people seeking asylum with the love of Jesus and to fill the gap until they are legally able to provide for themselves. We serve people who, without DASH, are currently homeless or are facing homelessness.

DASH Network is also able to provide connections to social services, ESL & job corp training, as well as friendship and community through our advocate program to its residents. We are the only nonprofit in DFW serving asylum seekers and one of only a handful in the nation. Please visit our website for more information or email [email protected]. We are honored to be here with you at HarmonyCon!

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