Fiaura The Tank Girl

Fiaura is a researcher first and foremost and a live streamer second. She works to write fan fiction her fans ask for and research questions like: How does Physics work in My Little Pony? How do these ponies actually effect our minds as adults? These are just some examples between the Fallout: Equestria Live Streams and occasional look at a video game; prepare yourself for Science!


Brittney Ackerman

Brittney Ackerman is a fandom Voice Actress, recognizable for her work as Rainbow Dash in Tridashie's "Pony Girl", ToucanLDM's "Cuphead Meets MLP" , "Fighting is Magic: Tribute Edition", and others! She's also an artist, infamous for drawing ponies on people with sharpies out!


One of the best souces of My Little Pony Top 10s and fandom related content, showcasing community guests, digital artists, and projects.


Chocolate Pony (SouthParkTaoist)

Chocolate Pony (SouthParkTaoist) is a fandom artist known for his academic panels on culture and history, designing tarot decks and card games such as Changeling and Horse Famous. Outside the fandom is a genetic biologist, historian of military education and fan culture, comic artist, and published author with books from Arcadia Publishing and History Press including one nominated for the Society for Military History Distinguished Book Awards. He is currently working on CONquest: The Rise and Domination of Fan Conventions and Culture, the first book on the history of fan run events and cons.


Ashley H

Ashley H (also called Dorito Queen) is mostly known for her ongoing audio drama series Remembrance which is based off the SFM animation from Argodaemon by the same name. She is also a fandom VA specializing in various mlp related roles and was seen in other fandom works including the popular “Pinkie Tales” (Sonata and Twilight) “A Moment with Doctor Wolf” (Starlight Glimmer) and other various youtube based fanwork series. She has also participated in multiple comic dubs and fanfic readings by creators such as “The Lost Narrator” and “ObabScribbler.” On her channel she focuses on My Little Pony related song covers, parodies, and a series called “Ponies Sing” where she sings today’s chart topping songs as the mane 6


PecachPictures is two brothers of insane proportions! Joey Oropesa & Roilan Fernandez are both Brony Filmmakers and Actors based in Tampa, FL with years and years of Creativity. Together, they make up PecachPictures Inc.

Joey-0 and Roilan are known for their famous YouTube Series in the Brony Fandom known as “Pony Meets World” & “Earth To Pony”. In the past, Joey-0 has been involved in Netflix Original Series “Stranger Things” and “Thirteen Reasons Why”. He made an appearance in a Upcoming movie “Blotched” and in AMC’s “The Walking Dead”. Years ago, he aired his video on Adult Swim in 2010 for “The Joey-O-Undergrounds Show” with 15 Min Air time. He Operated Camera 1 in “The Motown Maurice Show”, A Late night talk show with guests Weird AL Yankovic, T-Pain, Lil Wayne, Neo, Nicolas Cage and a lot more.

His brother, Roilan, has been by his side ever since. Roilan is the Co-Director of PecachPictures. He was involved in a Feature film called “BlackHeart” and is currently the Co Director for “Earth To Pony”. In 2016, Joey-0 has been diagnosed with cancer. He has been struggling to stay positive and hopeful. Thanks to the Brony fandom, the creators of My Little Pony, people from around the world, television stations and so much more, he has gotten the love and support like no other. From Cartoon Network all the way to Hasbro studios and even DHX media, Nickelodeon, Netflix and even MTV has supported him. He has been given great love and support. Today, Joey-0 is in stable condition and both Bros are beyond grateful for what the fandom has done for Joey during his fight.

They are currently working on a YouTube MLP Series called: “Earth To Pony” and Ubisoft’s “Watchdog Chronicles” YouTube series. They both continue to strengthen the Brony Fandom and hope to one day be the world’s most inspirational Brony Bros!


Step 2 Harmony

Step 2 Harmony is a DFW based cosplay and dance group representing the mane 7. We choreograph our own unique routines to the songs of My Little Pony, and Equestria Girls!