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Performing Saturday at 7:15 PM

Coming from the Seattle area, 4EverfreeBrony is here to make you dance, sway, laugh, cry, and sing along with heartfelt and catchy tunes during Coltchella!


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Performing Saturday at 6:45 PM

BlueBrony has been making horse music since 2015, and he is excited to perform once again at his favorite con in his favorite state. Whether its sweeping orchestral or hard-hitting electro, BlueBrony loves to tell a story with his music. Check out his debut album "The Princess Cycle" on bandcamp, or get your hooves on a copy here at the con!

Eurobeat Brony

Logo for Eurobeat Brony
Performing Saturday at 10:30 PM

Eurobeat Brony (aka Ken Blast from the Initial D series, Odyssey Eurobeat, T. Stebbins, etc…) is a producer and performer from the San Francisco Bay Area that specializes in Eurobeat music.

From penning the first currently-documented remix of a song from My Little Pony Friendship is Magic, to writing such ubiquitous hits as Luna and the original Discord, she has been a powerful force for both music in the brony fandom and Eurobeat in general


Logo for Faulty
Performing Saturday at 11:30 PM (With Kenza and PegasYs)

The King of DJ sets in whacky places finally arrives back on a real stage for HarmonyCon 2022! Bringing you nothing but the best music of the Pony EDM scene, he'll have you dancing till your hooves fall off!


Logo for Haymaker
Performing Friday at 7:00 PM

Haymaker has been making music for the fandom since 2011, working with such artists as Zahqo, Tsyolin and Elie Monty, Carbon Maestro, Hoofy, 4EverfreeBrony, and the Wasteland Wailers. He's done work in many different styles such as country, rock, jazz, blues, traditional R&B, and folk, and has provided enjoyment to fellow horse fans at many brony events such as BronyCon, GalaCon, BronyFair, and Everfree Encore. Join him for an intimate set tailored just for HarmonyCon.

John Kenza

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Performing Saturday at 11:30 PM (With Faulty and PegasYs)

John Kenza is music producer and DJ specializing in melodic and electronic music. He is no stranger to the Brony fandom and has been creating pony content since 2013. Get ready for euphoric melodies, powerful basslines, and even some new surprises!


Logo for Koa
Performing Saturday at 9:45 PM

Koa might be a latecomer to the brony music scene, but she strives to be fashionably so. Specializing in electropop with influences across the board, she loves creating danceable tracks full of charisma and color, and using music to connect with friends and listeners alike.


Logo for loophoof
Performing Saturday at 12:15 AM

No stranger to the con scene, loophoof has performed at Ponyville Ciderfest, Whinny City Pony Con, Everfree Northwest, MLP-MSP, BronyCon, and HarmonyCon, and he’s bringing his crowd-pleasing live performance of vocal chops and EDM remixes back to HarmonyCon!

When asked the question “Who is best pony?”, his usual response is “All pony is best pony”, though he does seem to have a particular fondness for Princess Luna.


Logo for Loudsdale
Performing Friday at 8:00 PM

Dallas-native DoTheDaringDew combines forces with Luck Rock to bring you a jam-packed set of their best hits - both new and old! With the added talents of BlueBrony, MelodyBrony, and Drummershy, Loudsdale is a superband that you will not want to miss!


Logo for Namii
Performing Friday at 7:30 PM

Namii is a 22 year old vocalist, who has been singing for 16 years. They do illustrative work, as well as voiceovers. They have worked with many talents in the Pony Community over the years, and are ready to bring their own talents to you live at HarmonyCon!


Logo for NeighGative_
Performing Friday at 11:00 PM

NeighGative_ (Pronounced “Negative Space”) is a brand new side-project from the mind of long-time fandom DJ & producer Brilliant Venture. He returns to HarmonyCon this year, with a new sound, focusing on the driving bass, and colossal melodies of ponified trance music!

His new album “A Place in a Different Time” is at the forefront of this new show. The set will feature immersive visuals, live vocals, and plenty of emotional twists and turns throughout! So get ready for a trip through the indefinable places and secrets that his new world of music has in store for you, and prepare yourself for travel...to "a place in a different time!"


Logo for Nevermourn
Performing Friday at 10:15 PM

Nevermourn is a drum and bass producer and a writer for Horse Music Herald. A regular on the A State of Sugar compilation albums, and a few Ponies at Dawn albums. He is known mainly for his drum and bass music, but he's no stranger to pushing the boundary on genres of music.


Logo for PegasYs
Performing Saturday at 11:30 PM (With Faulty and Kenza)

PegasYs is a performer who prides himself in working with everybody. You've certainly heard his voice or his bass if you love pony music. His HarmonyCon 2022 set will certainly set the bar for variety!


Logo for PrinceWhateverer
Performing Friday at 9:00 PM

Hey I'm PrinceWhateverer! I've been making pony-themed rock and metal music on YouTube for over a decade! I also stream making music and hanging out over on Twitch! Some notable releases of mine are the Destabilize songs about Sweetie Bot, my cover of Open Up Your Eyes, and the Solidarity MAP project featuring over 100 awesome fandom animators! I hope you enjoy my pony rock tunes! :D

Seventh Element

Logo for Seventh Element
Performing Friday at 11:45 PM

Seventh Element is an electronic musician based in Oklahoma City who joined the brony music scene in early 2012. They're known for their diversity in producing, jumping from genre to genre and sometimes in-between. They produce any manner of drums n' bass, house, chillout/downtempo, IDM, synthwave, and trap. Their diversity also stems out towards post-rock and orchestral music. They've composed music since 2008, and has found their best works so far have been in pony music. They've attended over 40 brony conventions, and has performed at over 30 of them.

The Wonderbolts!

Logo for The Wonderbolts!
Performing Saturday at 8:00 PM

The Wonderbolts! are proud to be the My Little Pony fandom's longest-running and most exciting rock and roll band! Mostly hailing from Houston, TX, we are thrilled to bring our hard-hitting and fun music back to HarmonyCon for 2022! Featuring DolphinBoy on Drums!

Whirly Tail

Logo for Whirly Tail
Performing Saturday at 9:15 PM

Whirly Tail is a high-energy happy hardcore producer sure to get you dancing like crazy! Whenever she hits the stage, buckle up your socks, because she's sure to knock them off!

Coltchella Musicians Afterparty

Logo for Coltchella Musicians Afterparty
Performing Sunday at 1:00 AM

HarmonyCon prides itself in our ColtChella event and hate when the fun has to stop - so we'll keep it going just a while longer. All of the ColtChella musicians are invited to keep the music pumping and the good time going!