Welcome to HarmonyCon Dallas!

We are a My Little Pony fan convention hosted at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Addison Texas.

Harmonycon is dedicated to both the show and its messages of harmony and friendship. With our family friendly convention, we seek to spread those messages through both words and deeds. We look forward to providing everyone of all ages and backgrounds with a wonderful con experience.

We hope to see you all at Harmonycon 2019!

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Countdown to HarmonyCon!

HarmonyCon announces our second VIP Show Guest, 'Big Jim' Miller


The man who runs the show, Big Jim Miller, is coming to HarmonyCon!

HarmonyCon announces Harmony Studios and Step 2 Harmony!


A brony animation crew founded in 2014 by Victor Vortex, Harmony Studios is home to many MLP fan animations, including TrotCon 2017 and CanterlotKC 2017's opening animations. They have many projects and animations coming up. Be sure check out their channel and stay tuned for upcoming projects!


Step 2 Harmony is a DFW based cosplay and dance group representing the mane 7! They choreograph their own unique routines to the songs of My Little Pony and Equestria Girls. While relatively new, having officially formed for Nightmare Nights' closing year, they already have a large following on YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram. You may also recognize them from their performance at the closing ceremonies of BronyCon 2018.

HarmonyCon is pleased to announce our first VIP Show Guest Elley Ray!


The Pillar of Beauty. The origin of the Generosity Element of Harmony.

Elley Ray, the majestic voice behind the Pillar of Equestria Mistmane is making her way to Texas for Harmony Con 2019!

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