Claire Corlett

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Claire Margaret Corlett was born in Vancouver, BC and now resides in Arizona. She is 22-years old. You may recognize her as, "Sweetie Belle" in Hasbro's My Little Pony or, "Tiny Pteranodon" in PBS Kids' Dinosaur Train. Some of her other roles include, "Stacie" in the Barbie & Her Sisters movies, "Mavis Von-Austein" in Crunchyroll's Didn't I Say to Make My Abilities Average in the Next Life?, "Sally" from Peanuts Motion Comics, "Michelle" in NBC's in 3-2-1 Penguins, and most recently, "Gwynn" in Playmobil's Novelmore. But her life isn't just about being a cartoon character. She has had guest spots in popular TV shows like, The Murders, Siren, and films like Before I Fall, Last Night in Suburbia, and To All The Boys I've Loved 2. Her first starring role on the big screen was, "Frank", in Hallmark's Smart Cookies and her first role on the stage was a Dental Hygienist in Little Shop of Horrors. Since then, she's been lucky enough to play, “Edith” in The Pirates of Penzance, “Olive Ostrovsky" in the 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee, "Little Red" in Into The Woods, and the Scarecrow in The Wizard of Oz.

Besides her desperate need to be seen by every living soul on the Earth, she's acting no differently in the world of listening. Just search for her on any streaming platform to hear her various Christmas and Halloween singles as well as her first E.P. "Comments Disabled".

Currently, her day-job is a personal writer as well as an editor for Black Gryph0n's YouTube channel. She plans on continuing her career as a working actor and writer and living her life to the fullest!

Claire is always up for new foods, activities, traditions, people and dance moves! Check out her Instagram (@clairemargaretcorlett) for all of her most up to date adventures!

Elley Ray Hennessy

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Elley Ray believes in MAGIC! She has an illustrious 35-award-winning years in theatre, film, television, and radio as a storyteller; actor, director, writer, producer and teacher. Elley has voiced literally thousands of TV and radio commercials, countless animated series, and films. She is currently voicing the narrator for a new TV series called Guilty Rich, voicing several animated characters such as the beautiful Mistmane on My Little Pony, Yolanda Yuckihosen on The Wide World of Wandering Wenda by Margaret Atwood (nominated for a Canadian Screen Award), The Bagel and Becky Show, Little Charmers, Geronimo, Hotel Transylvania, Shuyen, Cyber Chase, Camp Lakebottom to name just a few; along with two upcoming animated feature films, Tabaluga and The Cat in the Hat Halloween Special, singing with Martin Short (just nominated for a Canadian Screen Award). She also voices in several other animated feature films; Z-BAW, The Alley of Dreams and Animal Crackerz with Danny DeVito, Liam Neeson and Sylvester Stallone. Elley is publishing her second book of daily inspirations called Fly With Eagles, her first one, Butterfly Kisses, can be found on Amazon. She has students all over the world coaching them in voice as well as doing demos with some garnering SOVA Voice Arts Awards in the US. Elley juries the Emmys every year for Best Voice delighting in the best of storytellers.

She received an Honorary Doctorate from the University of Windsor for her contribution to the Arts and Humanities. More can be found at “May the magic be with YOU!”

Gabriel Brown

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GABRIEL BROWN (aka Black Gryph0n) is a Singer, YouTuber, and Voice Actor by day (Finding Dory, Ninjago, Johnny Test, Hazbin Hotel, Yo-kai Watch, Littlest Pet Shop, My Little Pony, Geronimo Stilton, Billy Bust Up, The Treebees, Thumb Wars IX) and a sleeping person by night. Known mostly for his impressions and original music on his Black Gryph0n YouTube channel (which currently has over 4.6 million subscribers, but who's counting) he's also proud to say that he helped bring pain and suffering to the internet multiple times with TLT's "No Mercy (Maybe I'll be Tracer)" and ASDF Movie's "Beep Beep I'm A Sheep". In his off time, he enjoys skydiving, scuba diving, rock climbing, flying his paramotor, and writing about himself in the third person. If, for some reason, you haven't had enough of him after this convention, check him out on YouTube! Please! He needs attention!

Ingrid Nilson

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Ingrid is grateful for the opportunity to serve and entertain as a voice actor and instructor with the intention of enabling creative expression and joy.

Some favourite voice roles include Maud Pie and two additional pie sisters on MLP Friendship Is Magic; Jade the cat, on Littlest Pet Shop A World of Our Own; 4 year old twins, Coco & Vera, on Polly Pocket, and many more!

Ingrid is a faculty member for On The Mic Training’s Full-Time Program. On The Mic Training is an accredited post-secondary voice-over program, the first of its kind in the English-speaking world. Through her part-time voice-over for animation classes online, you can study with Ingrid from anywhere on the planet. Check for more info.

In 2020, Ingrid was nominated for a Leo Award; Best Supporting Performance by a Female for her role in the multi-award winning live-action feature, The Curse of Willow Song. Stay tuned for its global release coming soon.

Stay connected with Ingrid on Instagram & Twitter @iamingridnilson

Ingrid extends her heart to everyone in the MLP community for their ongoing love and support.

Lea "Imalou" Dabssi

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Lea Dabssi, aka Imalou, is a visual development artist and character designer. She is perhaps best known for designing the characters Izzy, Sunny, and Sprout for the new generation of My Little Pony, as well as her work on the 2D-animated prologue for the My Little Pony A New Generation film.

Tony Fleecs

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Tony is a writer and artist who worked on the IDW comics. His repertoire includes work for Disney, 20th Century Fox, Bongo Comics, Marvel, the MLB, NFL, and more!